1920's: recipe revamp?

I'm reading this fabulous book right now that highlights classic recipes from different decades. Lucky for me (and you) I found a recipe from the 1920's entitled Banana & Popcorn Salad.
What were they thinking?! Straight from the author's mouth, Sylvia Lovegren calls this
"The Worst Salad of the Twenties."

Take a gander at the recipe & tell me what you think. I have a feeling opinions will be unanimous.

Banana and Popcorn Salad

1 banana, peeled and cut in half, length-wise
1 lettuce leaf

Place banana on lettuce leaf. Scatter popcorn over banana and place dabs of mayonnaise here and there. Makes one serving.

ahem...stay tuned for a revamped recipe tomorrow.

p.s. I thought about making this recipe to shoot a picture,
but I couldn't bring myself to waste a perfectly good banana.

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