1919: mixing it up

Today I'm thankful for... my KitchenAid mixer. 1919 was the year that this historical appliance company made its mark in history. Over the next several decades this company continued to grow and found itself on many kitchen counters across America.

So what exactly was it that inspired this thankful post? Well, just like the mission of this silly little blog, I was trying to create a modern version of a traditional classic.

For me,
apple cider is a must in the Fall months. I anxiously bought a gallon of the good stuff as soon as I saw it in the grocery store a week or so ago. As much as I love opening my refrigerator and seeing this big jug of goodness, I've asked myself several times, "how am I ever going to drink all of this!" My bright idea: bake with it! This led to a vast search on the internet for recipes that called for apple cider. I combined a few recipes together, crossed my fingers, and made a delicious batch of Apple Cider Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Kylie (sister) and I sat salivating over these delightful little pieces of heaven at 1 am while enjoying a Friday night classic on TBS. (love those)

F.Y.I: do yourself a favor and read this fabulous post featuring David Lebovitz's experience visiting the KitchenAid factory.


Fernando said...

I can say that I'm extremely happy with my Kitchenaid. Deciding to save a few bucks, my wife and I bought a floor model (we got 30% off the list price--including the usual 20% off BBB coupon) from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (the 6 qt 600 pro series), it got damaged in our move to Texas.

However, I called Kitchenaid up, explained the story and we got it replaced with a brand new one for FREE! They even gave us a brand new warranty!

Chelsie said...

what is the recipe for these delish cupcakes?! they look so good!

Jodi said...

I would love to try to make these! They look delicious!

Alison said...

YEs please. I always want cupcakes recipes that are different!

Tres Jolie Julie said...

First of all, great idea for a "new" blog. Second of all, I recently had the pleasure of seeing two restored original Hobart mixers--one 1919 20-quart mixer and one 80-quart 1930's mixer--in real life. (Hobart was the name of the brand before it became KitchenAid).

Both appliances are still in excellent working order and will be used at a newly restored restaurant opening here in Gilbert, AZ called Liberty Market. They're lucky to have the vintage mixers because the chef just so happens to be the great-grandson of the inventor of the Hobart/KitchenAid mixer. As the site gets up and running, I'm sure pictures of the two mixers will be posted.

Keep up the great posts!

Amy said...

Those cupcakes look so incredibly yummy! Will you post the recipe, Please oh please?!